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Who Is at Fault When You Are Injured on a Cruise and Is It Cruise Ship Negligence?

There are many ways in which a cruise ship injury and cruise ship negligence can happen. This includes accidents such as a slip and fall, water slide, other pool-related injuries, accidents on the dock, injuries when on off-ship excursions, or even sexual or physical assault. When there is an incident that involves an injured passenger, […]

The Basics of the Maritime Lien

In 1910 Congress passed the Federal Maritime Lien Act to encourage growth in the merchant marine industry and attempt to create a unified theory among maritime liens. However, maritime liens remain complex and unique entities, based on a mix of both federal statutes and case law. Whereas traditional leans are attached to a property, in […]

What Is “Maintenance and Cure,” and How Does It Affect Me?

When a seaman suffers injury or illness in service of their vessel, whether they are a commercial or merchant seaman, they are eligible to receive “Maintenance and Cure” which are benefits received from their employer during their recovery. Maintenance means the day-to-day living expenses such as rent, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and food. Maintenance ONLY […]
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