Maritime Geography Zones

Maritime Geography Zones are made up of three loosely defined elements, the meanings of which have slowly changed throughout history. Their interpretations are important when the Jones Act comes into…

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The Jones Act and Puerto Rico

Of all of the issues plaguing Puerto Rico, from hurricanes to earthquakes, one of the most insidious has been the Jones Act. The Jones Act is part of the merchant…

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Common Maritime Injuries

While many people see romance in working in the maritime industry or taking a cruise for a vacation, there are quite a number of hazards that can befall both workers…

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The Dive Vessel “Conception” Tragedy

Outrage over the horrendous deaths of 34 souls aboard the Dive Vessel “Conception” off the coast of Santa Cruz Island on September 2, 2019, is certainly understandable.  Equally outrageous is…

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