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Common Maritime Injuries

While many people see romance in working in the maritime industry or taking a cruise for a vacation, there are quite a number of hazards that can befall both workers and vacationers alike if proper safety measures aren’t taken.

Though many of these hazards are avoidable, they nonetheless happen on a fairly regular basis. Certain injuries are more common among workers, and some are more often seen in those that are on the water for pleasure. In either case, seeking out a law firm after an injury is vital. A maritime lawyer is specially trained to ensure that the rights you have under maritime law are respected and that you can receive compensation to pay for your medical bills, as medical treatment can sometimes be quite extensive and long-term. Injury attorneys with experience interpreting the Jones Act under maritime law are your best chance at receiving fair compensation. 

Slip and fall accidents are perhaps the most common cause of maritime injury. Wet or uneven decks, slippery stairs, or even just clutter can be the cause of this type of accident. Even a simple slip can lead to broken bones or a spinal cord injury, and deaths have even occurred from a seemingly simple slip or fall. 

Falling overboard can mean falling into the open water, or even between two vessels. Injuries include broken bones, hypothermia, and even drowning as rescues are often difficult and put others at risk of injury. 

Enclosed spaces are a particularly fraught area for maritime workers as they can be at risk for suffocation and poisoning from toxic fumes. Proper ventilation is a must for these areas and when this is overlooked there is a greater risk of a tragedy occurring.  

The engine room is an area where burns are most likely to happen to maritime workers. From electrical burns to exposure to chemicals or hot oil, safety gear is a must in this area to prevent these injuries. 

These are just some of the injuries that can befall maritime workers or pleasure seekers. When out on the open water, or even docked by the shore, be sure to be careful and aware. No matter where you are, always know your legal rights when it comes to maritime injury. Should you become injured, time is of the essence. Be sure to retain a firm with a history of success and the know-how to get what you deserve such as Friedman, James & Buchsbaum LLP.